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June 20: FFNY- The Hormone MythRobyn

FFNY is a welcoming home to explore women’s issues and the role of women in the secular and humanist community, as well as host to social activities that encourage a supportive and vibrant community. We will also find ways to support local and national initiatives tackling gender equality and women’s rights.

Tonight we will be hearing from Robyn Deluca.  We will screen her TED talk which was an early taste of her upcoming book “The Hormone Myth”. Robyn is a co-organizer of FFNY and we are very excited about her book release on  August 1. She will tell you a little more about the book and then we will open it for discussion on the various themes she writes about.


Robyn Stein DeLuca, Ph.D. is a mother, sister, and daughter, who grew up at a time when women’s opportunities were expanding at an amazing rate. She wants women to continue to thrive, in spite of gender politics and stereotypes that work to keep women from achieving their full potential.

Her upcoming book, The Hormone Myth: How Gender Politics, Junk Science, and Lies About PMS Keep Women Down, will be released on August 1, 2017, and her 2014 TEDx talk “The Good News About PMS” has been viewed globally.

Dr. DeLuca is a health psychologist and the founder and CEO of DeLuca Insight, providing speeches, workshops, and private coaching about resisting stereotypes and realizing individual potential. Whether you are a millennial, corporate climber, new mom, or menopausal wise woman Robyn helps women reject limiting cultural myths and shows them how to reclaim their personal and professional power.

Robyn lives in Brooklyn and loves to tuck into a good book on the couch, but also begrudgingly takes the occasional Zumba class.

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