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Sep 11: Stoic School of LIfe: The role ethics of Epictetus



The Stoic School of Life is inspired (with a bit of immodesty) to the ancient Greco-Roman schools of philosophy. Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Epictetus and many others simply gave lectures about their favorite topics and engaged in Socratic discussions with people interested in what they had to say. In our case, we examine the theory and practice of Stoicism as a modern applied philosophy that aids us in navigating a world in some ways just as confusing and uncertain as that of ancient Athens and Rome. Blog

For this meeting:

Epictetus was the last great Stoic teacher in Ancient Rome. According to a new book by Brian Johnson, he also developed a novel approach to ethics, based on the various roles we all play in society (like the many masks of an actor, see photo), by choice or because they are given to us.

Based on a six-part commentary on my blog (which you don’t have to read, though it would be useful!) we will discuss how to juggle the roles of father/mother, son/daughter, colleague, friend, boss, and — most simply — human being. -Massimo


New York Society for Ethical Culture

2 West 64th Street  Room 507


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