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Featured Meetup!

Sunday, April 29

CFI- Food for Thought (F4T)food

Each month we will feature a regular meetup for one of our participating organizations. We hope you will visit many of these events and learn more about each group.

For April our Featured Meetup is Food For Thought.

Food For Thought (F4T) is a friendly weekend brunch for people who enjoy discussing serious and “serious” topics with other smart, engaging people. We welcome everyone, whether you are a card-carrying philosopher or are maybe not quite sure who Plato was. The only qualification you need is that you enjoy thinking and eating, and can do both at the same time!

The F4T Brunch (formerly, the ‘Metacognitive Brunch’) will meet monthly, on the fourth Sunday of each month. We will have a new suggested topic each month, though wandering off topic is also allowed! (Good luck trying to stop that from happening.) These will span Science, Philosophy, Politics, History, Economics, and more. Attendees will be invited to propose the topic for the next brunch.

To sign up for this meeting please go to

If you are unable to sign up (space is limited) you can always sign up for the next one. This event happens twice a month!

The Center for Inquiry in New York City is the local branch of a nonprofit organization working to foster a secualr society based on science, reason, free inquiry and humanist values.

CFI-New York City sponsors leading thinkers for lectures and panel discussions on science, philosophy, and religion; supports local community and campus events and groups; and works with media and opinion makers to promote secularism and skepticism to a wider audience.

For more information, please email


Phebe’s Tavern & Grill

359 Bowery- New York


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