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Friday, October 19

CFI: Know Your Neighborsneighbors

Each month we will feature a regular meetup for one of our participating organizations. We hope you will visit many of these events and learn more about each group.

For October our featured group is CFI New York

Hello All! You are invited to an evening of socializing with a group of friendly New Yorkers at the Rubin Museum on Friday, Oct 19.

For this special event, we plan to bring together people from both religious and secular/humanist communities– not to debate, but just to get to know each other as people, something that doesn’t happen often enough. We are calling this cross-cultural event “Know Your Neighbors.”

After socializing a bit and perhaps a few drinks at the Rubin’s bar, we will have time to wander around the Museum (free entry on Friday) and explore art from the Himalayas.

Also, later this Fall we will be doing some volunteering events to help out at local soup kitchens, parks, etc. in NYC, and hope you will join us there. So, come on out on Oct 19, mingle with some folks you might not ordinarily meet, and maybe even make some new friends! We will update you on the various groups that will attend as we get closer to the event date. This event is hosted by CFI-NYC as part of Openly Secular Day.


The Center for Inquiry in New York City is the local branch of a nonprofit organization working to foster a secualr society based on science, reason, free inquiry and humanist values.
CFI-New York City sponsors leading thinkers for lectures and panel discussions on science, philosophy, and religion; supports local community and campus events and groups; and works with media and opinion makers to promote secularism and skepticism to a wider audience.


7:00PM- 10:00PM

Rubin Museum of Art

150 W 17th Street (Between 6th Ave & 7th Ave) · New York, NY


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